About Copper

Can Copper be bad for your health?

Copper is essential to your health, without Copper you will die. We have a process in our bodies called homeostasis, that balances all the bodies essential needs. (out of 1000 patients both within and outside the NHS we have never, ever been informed of any negative reaction, this occurrence would be most rare indeed and for this reason we would advise that people with Wilsons disease should avoid supplementary Copper, but anyone and everyone else there is no harm).

Have your fabrics ever been known to be Antiviral?

All Copper fabrics that are properly engineered by respectable companies with the correct PPM will kill all known viruses.

Have your fabrics ever been known to be Antibacterial?

Hundreds of journals over the last couple of years have caught on to what copper can do.

There are hundreds of medical journals from around the world that now champion copper fabrics and copper coatings for exactly what they are meant to do, to eradicate bacteria, viruses, and fungi within minutes.

How can copper fabric be more effective than copper metal at destroying coronavirus?

In a copper surfaces the copper ions/atoms are touching each other, on specially engineered fabrics like ours we leave nano gaps, Spaced, shaped and placed Copper ions. If a microbe of any description falls or lands on the fabric the copper electrons go into schizophrenic mode and there is no virus or bacteria that can survive, it is the equivalent of you walking into a 750v fence with your arms out in front of you, there is no escape.

Please see the Times on Saturday 30th May 2020, the future of ‘copper fabrics are due to grow exponentially’

Why copper insoles?

“Copper infused insoles, the more you feet sweat the harder they work”

Copper is an essential element vital for the normal functions of many tissues and has been shown to be indispensible for the generation of capillaries and skin. When copper comes into contact with your skin, copper salts / ions transfer from the copper fabric and some of these maybe absorbed by the skin. As reported by a leading professor of arthritis research UK.

What are the Causes of foot odour?

The problem isn’t your feet – it’s what your feet are wearing. Smelly feet are primarily caused by a lack of ventilation to your feet. Each foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands, producing more than a pint of sweat in one day. People get smelly feet when the perspiration has nowhere to evaporate – but it is not the sweat that causes the foot odour it is bacteria. Another common condition, athlete’s foot, which is a skin infection caused by a fungus, can also cause smelly, itchy feet.

The benefits of copper could begin to work on first contact with the body, and the regenerative, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties remain step after step.

Many studies with copper infused fabrics have shown some of the following benefits:

  • Made from 2.5mm EVA sole with 35% copper infused fabric top layer
  • Odour resistant – Feel fresh for longer
  • Super flexible and super light
  • Ideal for trainer and everyday shoes
  • May help alleviate itchy feet
  • Anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral (for example athletes foot)
  • Copper bangles as with copper fabrics are widely shown to help alleviate arthritis and inflammation
  • Suitable for diabetics – diabetic foot management

The copper fabric maintains its health giving benefits after washing for the usable life of the garment.

“Why not try a pair you will never buy another pair of ordinary insoles”

Can over a 1000 podiatrists/chiropodists be wrong recommending copper socks
(“Podiatry Today”- December 2011)

“A leading vascular consultant and prominent figure within the diabetic network, was so impressed with the science and self trial. That a group of similar minded consultants decided to put the product into a hospital patient study. We eagerly await the results.”

Completely Drug Free ….. Natural….. Non-invasive ….. And Very Effective!!

“Read our customer’s own life-changing stories, testimonials and photos.”

Do copper infused products feel rough or stiff?

In our opinion you can not tell the difference between everyday, cotton socks, bedding, pyjamas, underwear etc and our copper infused products.

I have Wilson’s Disease can I use copper infused products?

If you have been diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, we recommend you consult your doctor before using any of our products.

We have stated that copper is antimicrobial, what does that mean?

Copper effectively kills a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungus, this is due to exposure from the copper ions that are emitted from the fabric. These penetrate the harmful bacteria/fungus that can cause foot odour, bacterial and fungal infections leaving compromised skin infection free.

How do I care for my copper infused product?

Each garment can be cared for as you would any normal equivelant, the only exception is do not use bleach or fabric conditioners as this will reduce the effectiveness of your product.

Has a negative reaction ever been reported using copper enhanced products?

Human skin is not sensitive to copper and the risk of an adverse reaction due to dermal contact with copper is EXTREMELY LOW. To date millions of individuals, including armies around the world, NASA, and hospitals have all successfully used copper infused fabrics without any negative reactions.

Is copper in small amounts good for me?

Copper in small amounts is actually a nutrient. Copper assists in the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells, it’s involved in forming pigments in your body’s natural hair colour. Copper is also involved in enzymes for digestion, protein metabolism and in healing processes necessary for proper bone formation and maintenance, it’s also necessary for the RNA (Ribonucleic acid) in all of your cells. Without copper your body can’t make new cells. It is also involved in the formation of elastin, the healthy, youthful skin and chief component of the elastic muscle fibres throughout the body. Your body actually NEEDS copper.

How do I know that copper infused fabric technology is safe?

Copper is a readily abundant natural resource. Copper is an essential mineral in our everyday diet and drinking water. It is an absolutely requirement for the human body. Trace amounts of copper are absorbed from the fabric via the skin and is readily utilised and metabolised by your body.

How long does the copper benefits within the fabric last?

The deowear® technology infused into the product during the manufacturing process will last the usable life time of your product.

What is the difference between copper and silver infused fabrics?

Copper as opposed to silver is an essential mineral for the normal function of the human body. Copper unlike silver is received and utilised by the body when absorbed either orally or through skin tissue. Copper also has a broader range of effectiveness than silver. Copper has skin enhancement properties which silver has not.

Just to remind you I.U.D,s (internal contraceptive device /coil) are predominantly made from 100% pure copper. IUD’s have recently received a licence for 10 years at a time, for internal safe use, silver has not.

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