David’s Struggle with Fungal Foot Infections

David’s Struggle with Fungal Foot Infections

David’s Struggle with Fungal Foot Infections

Rory Donnelly


July 10 2017

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David has been a type 1 diabetic for 33 years which means he often suffers from fungal foot infections as a result. The scientific term for this type of foot infection is Pompholyx eczema. This means that due to this condition, David is prone to extremely painful blisters on his feet that last for days and flare up every now and then. His father’s wife was the one who introduced him to Copper Clothing's copper-infused compression socks

Since they had heard about Copper's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, they thought of sharing this idea with David after hearing how much he struggled with fungal infections on his feet.

Here is a video of David recounting his struggle with foot fungal infections


In the video, David can be heard narrating how Copper socks had helped control his foot condition with its anti-microbial properties while improving the blood circulation in his feet. He states that after 33 years he ‘remembered what feet were supposed to feel like when the copper-infused socks started to show their effects. In the video, David also claims that the socks didn’t smell, even when he didn’t wash them for 3 days straight. He compared his success to that of Dr. Hilary Jones after he undertook a similar experiment, which you can see on Copper Clothing's YouTube channel. David went on to talk about being able to see the positive effects of copper compression socks in just 3 weeks and how his fungal infection problem was well under control. David also mentions that his two sons also have Pompholyx eczema but now that he knows about copper compression socks, he knows they will be able to tackle the problem better!

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