About us

Copper Clothing is pioneering the research and development behind copper-infused technology to revolutionise the way we tackle antibiotic resistance and prevent future pandemics. Our goal is to reduce the spread of infectious diseases through commercialising a range of safe to use, high quality, durable, non-drug, non-invasive and affordable anti-microbial solutions.

Copper is nature's biggest secret. We are making credible steps by working with partners like the NHS and leading institutions around the world to showcase the special anti-microbial properties of copper to tackle Anti-Microbial Resistance and potentially help in future pandemics.  

Rory Donnelly
Research & DevelopmentDirector & Co-founder

Our company values


Our Research & Development and independent testing forms the backbone of building trust to highlight the Power of Copper. Our core principles rely on working with honesty, transparency and respect to ensure our partners and customers know they are valued.   


Our in-house team of experts work with a network of medical professionals, scientists, consultants, manufacturing professionals and globally recognised institutions to ensure our products are designed to deliver the highest quality anti-microbial solutions in a cost-effective manner. 

Duty of care

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. We rigorously vet our partners and test throughout the design, development and manufacturing process to ensure our products are completely safe for use. 


Our customers are at the forefront of every single decision made by our leadership team, we take responsibility, encourage feedback and ensure we keep learning to help spread awareness that such a special technology exists.   


We put our heart, blood, sweat, tears and soul into making this technology viable and can be used to do good for society. We look to empower our customers with this passion and knowledge to ensure they feel comfortable and confident in the products they are using. 


We are a fast growing family run organisation that understands the importance of delivering exceptional customer service, developing an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution and the potential positive impact it can have across the world.