Freda's Story


Rory Donnelly


July 10 2017

Freda is 76-year old skin cancer survivor who been in remission for over 16 years now, but when she was told she would have to go in for some skin grafts on her legs and hands, she feared recurring skin infections. Considering her age and her medical condition, she was absolutely sure the suggested procedure would greatly impact her health and her skin condition.

While battling the decision to get skin grafting done, her youngest daughter came across Copper Clothing on TV and told her about it. While Freda was ready to try any solution to combat her skin infections, she was very sceptical about the success rate of battling such infections with just copper-infused clothing. In fact, Freda couldn’t believe such a product existed let alone work. She figured there was nothing to lose and went on to try it. Here is a video where she recounts her experience dealing with infections due to ongoing skin grafts.

In the video, Freda can be heard talking about going back and forth with the decision to use copper-infused clothing, until finally deciding to give it a shot! She goes on to talk about how she was instantly taken with the spectacular quality of the product and how comfortable it felt against her skin. In the video, she even goes into detail about how her skin infections reduced and stopped showing up after the continuous use of copper-infused clothing and went on to purchase a set of pyjamas and mittens to keep herself protected! Impressed by the results, she now recommends copper clothing to every other person she knows who is also dealing with similar skin conditions!

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