Our Story: The Future of Disease Prevention

Our Story: The Future of Disease Prevention

Our Story: The Future of Disease Prevention

Rory Donnelly


August 27 2020

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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” #stevejobs It is not everyday you come across an idea, that eureka moment, that has the potential to redefine how we as society have been taught to think and have that opportunity to really revolutionise the lives of people across the world regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religion. What started, like most absurd ideas, as a simple back of the envelope drawing late one evening in 2012, using a natural element that has been used throughout history by civilisations across the globe to combat infections, as a last resort option to save a precious family dog from being put down after antibiotics had failed to work.

It has now transformed into a family run company based in the UK leading copper-infused technological innovations to reduce and prevent the spread of infections in everyday lives across the globe. Through our research and development over the last 8 years, working with partners like the NHS, globally established independent testing laboratories & top tier universities across the UK, we have been able to showcase the antimicrobial and potentially life-saving characteristics of this simple element Copper. Providing a unique platform for our thousands of customers to harness the #powerofcopper and use in their everyday lives as the first layer of defence to protect their family and friends. This is just the start of our special journey ahead!


Have you really been involved with NHS trials with Copper?

Yes, we are focused on driving an impactful change in the healthcare sector. Not only through consumer products but actually led by our research and development in the heavily regulated medical device industry. We are investing heavily in testing and developing the next wave of front line tools for medical professionals around the world to use to reduce infections in a clinical setting. As part of this, we have run multiple clinical studies with a UK NHS Trust which have subsequently been published in high impact medical journals as well as funding a range of other specialist projects across sectors to make a positive impact on the world with our patented innovation.

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