Travel Clothes for Men and Women

Travel Clothes for Men and Women

Travel Clothes for Men and Women

Rory Donnelly


May 25 2019

When we travel, we want our clothes for travelling to do much more than just look good. Comfortable clothes for travelling play a large role in making long-haul flights pleasurable. Therefore, it is important that the travel wear and travel gear look good and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable in your cabin seat. The best travel clothes are practical and at the same time are successful in combating the temperature fluctuations you experience throughout your journey and also at your destination. In this article, we’ve reduced the best travel clothes for men and women to these seven travel-friendly clothes:

Best Travel Clothes for Women

Picking the best clothes for travelling boils down to these seven key pieces of women’s clothing:

    1. Travel Jacket

      Donning a travel jacket is a quick way to look chic. It’s an instant stylish travel clothing. Your choice of the jacket should depend on the weather. If warm, choose a trench coat in a lightweight fabric like cotton. If cold, use a winter coal in a heavy fabric like wool.

    2. T-shirt or top

      If you are sensitive to cold in the flight, T-shirts, vests and blouses can be worn underneath your bulkier top.

    3. Pullover or a Long cardigan

      Any flight that is 6 hours and more cramps you up in the cabin. A pullover or a long cardigan can give you warmth and comfort when the temperature drops in your cabin.

    4. Compression Socks

      During long-distance flights, your mobility is restricted, and you are seated for long periods of time. You may suffer from deep vein thrombosis. In this medical condition, the legs become stiff, heavy, red, and swollen due to constrained movement. That’s why wearing compression socks while travelling is a must. Copper Clothing’s compression socks infused with copper stimulates blood circulation, and thus lowers the risk of DVT. Also, the antimicrobial property of copper in compression socks kills the germs on contact and keeps your feet dry, clean and odour-free.

    5. Traveller Pant or Trousers with stretch fabric

      Wear trousers, such as leggings, harem trousers, or palazzo pants instead of shorts or skirts. Trousers help avoid bare legs in making contact with germs on airport and plane seats.

    6. Comfortable shoes or sneakers

      This boils down to your personal style. For some, walking shoes or sneakers would be comfortable while others may prefer soft leather flats. It’s important to note that whatever your preference in comfortable travel shoes is, your feet tend to swell during flights. You can counter the effect by wearing copper compression socks with your travel shoes.

    7. Light blanket

      When you are in a long-haul flight, you may experience a temperature drop in the aeroplane cabin. It is advisable to carry a copper-infused blanket while on the flight. The blanket will keep you warm and the copper ions in the blanket will kill the microorganisms that are prevalent in the planes, thus helping you keep your health in check.

Best Travel Clothing for Men

      The best travel clothes for men are:
      1. Shirt

        You can keep it smart with a button-down shirt or casual with a short-sleeved T-shirt. Shirts are versatile; they can be worn on their own or can be accessorized with other travel accessories/ clothes.

      2. Jacket or blazer

        This is the key piece that will enhance your entire look. A jacket in a neutral style and wrinkle-free texture will work seamlessly with your other travel pieces. Avoid stiff textures like leather.

      3. Comfortable trousers

        Your trousers while travelling needs to be functional. Because you are on the move. You could be in a line at airport security or walking briskly towards your flight; if your trousers do not enhance your mobility, they are not the best travel clothes for you.

      4. Travel sweater or pullover

        You may be tempted to use a hoody top while travelling. But don’t. Instead, use a travel sweater or a pullover to put together a smart look.

      5. Travel blanket

        Copper Clothing’s copper-infused blanket is an ideal travel accessory. The blanket will provide the warmth and the copper ions in the blanket will keep the germs in the aeroplane at bay.

      6. Slip-on footwear

        Sneakers look cool but slip-on footwear spell comfort. Go for ease and convenience, select footwear that is easy to slip on.

      7. Compression Socks

        For hygiene reasons and for health reasons, copper compression socks are a must. They do not only protect your feet from germs, but they also improve blood flow in your legs, which can become stiff because of being seated for long periods of time.

And Finally, Whether you are man or woman, these 7 best travel clothes will provide you good health, style and comfort and good health that you need for a comfortable travel. Wondering from where to get compression socks or copper blankets for your next travel? Explore our range of copper-infused products.

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