A Guide To Keep Your Dog Smelling Its Best

A Guide To Keep Your Dog Smelling Its Best

A Guide To Keep Your Dog Smelling Its Best

Rory Donnelly


July 28 2021

Are you a proud dog parent, and worried about your dog’s health? Because of late you have been noticing that your dog smells bad. Read on to figure out why your dog could be smelling weird.

Reasons Why Your Dog Could be Smelling Bad

  • Ear Infection

    Does your dog have smelly ears? The reason behind the smell can vary on how bad the smell is. A mildly smelly dog may mean nothing more than the fact that your dog needs its ears cleaned. But a stronger dog odour which can be recognised from a distance could mean that your dog has an ear infection and it needs to see the vet to treat it. Generally, ear infections get worse and smell worse the longer they persist.

  • Yeast Infection

    The most common symptoms of a yeast infection are stinky, itchy paws and ears. The smell is very pungent and musty, and the odour can be compared to mouldy bread or corn chips. The root cause of a yeast infection is poor quality food, a raw diet, or a diet low in carbohydrates. Having a healthy diet coupled with a visit to the vet can take care of the bad dog odour.

  • Bad Breath

    Like in human beings, bad breath in dogs is because of the presence of odour-producing bacteria in the mouth. This might seem harmless at first, but it can lead to a more dangerous situation where the infection can creep into the dog’s respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract or internal organs. Bad breath can also be a result of dental problems like dental infections, periodontal disease and build-up of tartar. Diseases like diabetes, kidney or liver diseases can also cause your dog to have bad breath. 

  • Skin Issues

    Dogs are vulnerable to skin diseases. If a dog is suffering from kidney disease, it can expel uremic waste and salts through the skin. This can make the dog’s skin extremely itchy, and smell like urine. If your dog is on medication, it can also be a reason for the nasty skin odour. One of the most common conditions that affect a dog is canine seborrhea. This condition causes greasiness of the skin and hair. This can lead to a secondary infection of the skin resulting in bad smell.

  • Anal Glands

    Anal glands are small secretory glands on both sides of a dog’s rectum and an essential part of the dog’s anatomy. Normally healthy glands do not smell bad, but if they are emitting a foul, fishy odour, you should consult the vet immediately.

  • Gas Attacks

    Excessive gas attacks in your dog are not typical. If your dog has a constant problem of gas that has a foul, putrid smell, it might be a problem. Visit the vet to treat the gas problem. 

Tips to Help Your Dog Smell Better and Stay Healthy

  • Dog Food

    Good quality dog food can make a world of difference, not only to the way your dog smells but also to your dog’s overall well-being. Good quality food deals with your dog’s bad smell and also help improve its overall immunity. Gradually add fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet to ensure that your dog eats healthier foods.

  • Dog Wipes/Baby Wipes

    Use the wet wipe as a dog odour remover on the fur and paws. You can also use wet wipes for cleaning your dog’s smelly bum when you are travelling.

  • Brush

    Brushing gets rid of dead skin cells, dried saliva, dirt and other things in your dog’s fur. Brushing your dog goes a long way to decrease dog odour between baths. 

  • Bedding

    You need to make sure that you wash your dog’s bedding items regularly. Get copper pet bed for your dog to make sure the bad odour stays at bay. The copper in copper pet beds and beddings is known to be anti-microbial in nature. It kills the bad odour-inducing microorganisms and helps your dog sleep well and smell better.

  • Exercise

    The more your dog runs around, and jumps around, the less will be the flatulence. An active dog also has better immunity. And that makes it less vulnerable to infections that smell bad. If you are wondering how to keep your dog smelling fresh, try the copper pet beds from Copper Clothing. Order now!

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