What is a Perfect Towel Size: Your Guide to Ultimate Comfort!

What is a Perfect Towel Size: Your Guide to Ultimate Comfort!

What is a Perfect Towel Size: Your Guide to Ultimate Comfort!

Rory Donnelly


February 14 2024

Have you ever felt perplexed when deciding on the appropriate bath towel size? It may appear to be a straightforward selection at first. Still, once you begin shopping, the number of alternatives might become overwhelming.

Don’t worry! This blog post is your towel size guide! It’s here to help you understand various towel sizes and what to look for. Whether you are looking for a bath towel, guest towel, or face towel for your home, hotel, or Airbnb, get ready to choose your favourite cosy towel without any doubt!

Towel Size Chart

Before getting into details, check out this helpful guide below to learn more about the various UK towel sizes:


Dimensions (cm x cm)

Dimensions (inch x inch)

Face towel

30cm x 30cm

11.8 x 11.8 inches

Guest towel

30cm x 50cm

11.8 x 19.7 inches

Hand towel

50cm x 100cm

19.7 x 39.4 inches

Bath mat

50cm x 80cm

19.7 x 31.5 inches

Bath towel

70cm x 125cm

27.6 x 49.2 inches

Bath sheet

100cm x 160cm

39.4 x 63 inches

Towel Types Based on Size

Let's jump right in and unravel the diverse range of towels!

  1. Face Towel

    Also known as washcloths, face towels are petite and practical towels. They are perfect for cleansing your face, removing makeup, and freshening up throughout the day. They are generally small in size, making them a staple in any skincare routine.

  2. Guest Towel

    Slightly more prominent than the face towel, this type of towel is designed to make your guests feel pampered and welcome. Whether you host a dinner party or overnight guests, having a set of guest towels adds an elegant touch to your bathroom.

  3. Hand Towel

    A staple in bathrooms everywhere, the trusty hand towel is a versatile essential. The hand towel size is just right for drying your hands after washing. It is often found hanging near the sink or stacked neatly on a countertop. Hand towels come in a range of plushness and absorbency, making them a go-to for everyday use.

  4. Bath Mat

    Stepping out of the shower onto a soft and absorbent bath mat is the epitome of luxury. Unlike other towels, bath mats are designed to stay in place on the bathroom floor. They offer a cosy and dry spot to stand on. There is no standard towel size for bath mats, depending on bathroom layouts.

  5. Bath Towel

    Ah, the classic bath towel! The standard bath towel size is generous enough to wrap yourself in warmth after a refreshing shower or bath. Bath towels come in an array of colours and textures. So, they allow you to personalise your bathroom while enjoying the comfort and functionality they bring.

  6. Bath Sheet

    If you love to envelop yourself in a cocoon of softness, the bath sheet is your best friend. Larger than a standard bath towel, bath sheets provide ample coverage. They are perfect for those who prefer a more luxurious drying experience.

    Towels play a crucial role in your daily routines, offering comfort, cleanliness, and a touch of indulgence. So, the next time you shop for towels, consider these variety of towel sizes and their unique purposes to elevate your experience.

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How Can You Choose the Right Towel?

Picking the proper towel may appear to be a simple chore. But it requires more consideration than you may believe. Learning about GSM, absorbency, standard towel size, and other technical characteristics of towels helps you avoid making the wrong decision.

With so many alternatives, it's critical to understand the many types of towels available, their specifications, and why investing in a high-quality towel is beneficial!

How Do Towel Sizes Differ In the United States and the United Kingdom?

So, towel sizes in the United States and the UK are nearly identical to those in the United Kingdom. It's like a towel-sized family reunion! But, just as siblings may have subtle deviations, there are also minor size variations per maker.

If you zoom in on the United States, you may encounter two smaller sizes: washcloths and fingertip towels. Washcloths are nothing but face towels known by another name! They measure approximately 12 by 12 inches.

A fingertip towel serves the same purpose as a guest towel. They are somewhat smaller than hand towels but larger than washcloths. These typically measure around 11 x 18 inches.


  • What size is a beach towel?

    Your usual beach towel size is more significant than conventional bath towels. They measure around 122cm to 147cm x 137cm to 177cm. And because they have to deal with sand and sunscreen on a daily basis, they are not as high-quality as other types of towels.

  • What is the size of a tea towel?

    The average kitchen towel or tea towel size is around 73cm X 48 cm. It's the ideal size for drying and cleaning in the kitchen!

  • What size is the standard bath towel?

    The standard bath towel size is 70cm x 125cm. However, the size may vary according to the type of towel.

  • How much does a towel weigh?

    Cotton bath towels are generally of 400 GSM and above.

Do you know copper infusion in your towel fabric gives a number of advantages that set them apart? Not only do they feel smooth and luxurious, but copper has inherent antibacterial characteristics.

This means they can help prevent bacteria growth, which is ideal for keeping your towels fresh and clean.

So, if you want towels that stay fresh, soft, and in excellent condition, copper-infused towels are the way to go!

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