What is GSM in Towel and Why Does it Matter?

What is GSM in Towel and Why Does it Matter?

What is GSM in Towel and Why Does it Matter?

Arjunsinh Chandravat


March 17 2023

What is towel GSM? Does higher GSM mean a higher quality towel? And what's the big deal with the GSM range?

At one point, we all must have thought about what truly is GSM and why it is so important when selecting your bath towel. GSM, also known as grams per square, is a standard textile industry measurement used to refer to the plushness, thickness, and weight of the towels of every fabric. It's the number that indicates the thread count in the bedding, sheet, towel, and other fabrics.

But how will it affect your buying decision? Let's answer your burning questions in this guide!

What Does GSM Mean for Towels?

Towel GSM is an important factor that indicates how dense and absorbent a towel is, and it directly affects its softness, durability, and overall performance. Higher towel GSM are thicker, fluffier, and more absorbent than lower ones.

Towels with a higher GSM value generally have more fibres packed into each square inch of fabric. This makes them denser and heavier than low GSM towels. Therefore, they can absorb more water or moisture from your skin while still feeling soft and luxurious against your skin. On the other hand, low GSM towels are lighter in weight and thinner in texture than high-GSM alternatives.

The luxury towels you find in a hotel or spa are usually of the higher GSM measurement and made of cotton; hence, they're plush yet thick and absorbent. But there's a challenge to these higher GSM towels. They're usually heavier and can be tough to wash. Lower GSM towels are lighter and easier to wash than the higher ones, but they may feel less plush.

Hence, understanding the types of GSM towels and their pros and cons can help you decide which is best for your usage.

What are the Types of GSM in Towels?

The variety of GSM in towels ranges from 200 to 900. Take a look at the breakdown of each type of category to understand the best GSM for towels:

  1. 200-400 GSM

    200-400 GSM towels are lightweight and quick-drying, making them ideal for travel. They are not as soft or luxurious as their higher-GSM counterparts. These lightweight GSM towels are quick to dry and thinner.

  2. 400-600 GSM

    Towels with a GSM measurement between 400-600 are considered medium weight and are ideal for everyday use. They strike a perfect balance between absorbency and plushness, making them suitable for various purposes, such as drying off after a shower or bath or wiping your hands in the kitchen. Moreover, these towels are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they retain quality even after multiple washes. One of the primary advantages of 400-600 GSM towels is their ability to provide an exceptional user experience while being budget-friendly.

  3. 600-900 GSM

    A 600-900 GSM towel is considered a heavyweight towel because it has more fibres per square meter than lighter-weight towels. Higher GSM towels are ideal for luxury spas or hotels where guests expect premium quality products that can withstand frequent use. You can use these for everyday usage; however, since they're heavier in density they'll take longer to dry, making them ideal for bathroom use.

What GSM Towel is Best for You?

The quality of your cotton bath towel is directly related to its GSM. The higher the GSM, the higher its absorbency and plushness. And if you use a lower GSM towel, you won’t have a pleasant experience, and they won’t be as effective in drying your body as ones with a high GSM.

Although low GSM towels are quicker to dry since they're thinner and lighter in weight, they aren't as absorbent as the high and medium GSM towels and are not as durable as their counterparts. Even if the high GSM towels may be a bit more expensive than the low GSM towels, they will last you a long term, and they will give you the plushness and luxurious feeling of using a hotel or spa towel. Hence, investing more bucks in high-quality and high-GSM bath towels is better as they absorb well even after multiple washing.

So, if you're considering getting a towel that can last long and give you better absorbency, a cotton towel with high GSM is your perfect bet!

How to Select the Perfect Towel?

At Copper Clothing, we recommend using a cotton bath towel of 400 GSM and above as they might be hefty, but they're never heavy. They still contain high quality and absorbency for a better experience. These towels can be washed and dried regularly, giving a consistent and wonderful feel.

And what's better than a copper-infused bath towel? Our Anti-Microbial Bath Towels and Gym Towels contain anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that don't let microorganisms sit on their surface and further multiply. We have the edge over regular towels in terms of:

  • Comfort and plushness
  • Self-sustainability
  • Absorbency
  • Prolonged usage

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