Is it Safe to Wear Compression Socks to Bed at Night?

Is it Safe to Wear Compression Socks to Bed at Night?

Is it Safe to Wear Compression Socks to Bed at Night?

Rory Donnelly


November 20 2021

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Compression therapy and compression socks are popular amongst common people and health care advisors due to their immense benefits. Compression socks reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. Moreover, graduate compression socks are extremely helpful in recovering from an athletic injury or chronic venous insufficiency. Doctors generally advise to wear compression socks in the daytime only. But can you sleep in compression socks?

There are exceptions where you can sleep with compression socks on. It can be when you are travelling on a long flight, lounging somewhere, or taking a short nap. The upcoming sections of this post explain how safe it is to wear compression socks to bed. 

What is the Healing Mechanism of Compression Socks? 

In case of vein issues, the blood doesn't travel back to the heart properly. It leads to swelling, heaviness and itching in the feet. It is vital to explain how compression socks are helpful in this scenario before answering the question of can you wear compression socks to bed. Compression socks squeeze your legs just enough to improve blood flow in them which helps the blood to travel back to the heart without any issue. 

Compression socks are also beneficial for people who get swelling in their legs due to sitting or standing for a long time.

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Should You Wear Compression Socks to Bed?

No, there is no need to wear compression while sleeping if you don't have a venous disorder, swelling, or any other muscle issue. You should only wear compression socks in the daytime to take care of your veins while you are active. However, compression socks can prove to be a helpful hug to your legs while sleeping if you have any vein disease. But remember to ask your doctor for advice before wearing compression socks overnight.

It is crucial to consult your physician before wearing compression socks to bed at night as the pressure of compression socks depends on their type. Find the right fit.

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Why Don't You Need to Wear Compression Socks to Bed?

It is difficult for blood to flow back to your heart when you are in a standing or sitting position. This is because it needs to fight gravity. While sleeping, you are in a horizontal position where your blood doesn't require additional encouragement from compression socks to flow back to your heart. It doesn't mean that it is not safe to wear compression socks to bed. It's not harmful and especially not for short naps.

When Should You Wear Compression Socks?

Compression socks can save your legs from swelling and discomfort in the following stressful situations:-

  • Working

People doing desk jobs remain in immobile positions for hours. But do you know that the blood flow in the legs can decrease up to 50% in an hour if you stay standing or sitting in one position? Wearing compression socks at work provides much-needed encouragement to the blood flow in your legs.

  • Travelling

Travelling for more than 4 hours put you at risk of developing a dangerous blood clot known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It happens due to being in one position for long hours. Compression socks can prevent DVT and other discomforts of travelling like cramps and swelling in the legs. 

  • Exercising

Compression socks prevent your legs from injury in ligament, tendon, and muscle while exercising. Moreover, your legs feel less pain and more energy. Thus compression socks allow you to push your limits in exercise or athletic activities while rescuing your legs from soreness and discomfort. 

  • During Pregnancy

Increased blood flow and weight gain in pregnancy cause swollen feet & ankles, itchy legs, tiredness, spider veins, and varicose veins. Compression socks alleviate these painful pregnancy-related symptoms during and after pregnancy. Can you sleep in compression socks when pregnant? It is neither advisable nor needed, but you can ask your health care provider for the perfect advice.

  • Lounging and Napping

It is safe to wear compression socks while lounging on a beach or in a waiting area. You can even take a short nap while wearing them. But don't think of sleeping for a long time while wearing compression socks without asking your doctor. 

  • Conditions Like Varicose Vein & DVT

If you are suffering from painful conditions like fibromyalgia, DVT, and varicose veins, your physician will recommend you to wear compression socks all day long. This will help you while you are sitting or actively working. However, if there is a need for compression while sleeping, you can wear anti-embolism stockings or low compression socks (pressure below 15 mmHg) with the permission of your physician. 

To Summarise!

Patients often ask that how long I need to wear compression socks. Graduate compression socks are safe and beneficial for whole day use. However, it is ok to wear low compression socks at night while sleeping with your doctor's permission. But it is not required in the case of a healthy individual. You should ask your doctor about wearing compression socks to bed at night only if you have the health conditions mentioned in this article.

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