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How Viable Are Compression Socks for Pregnancy?

How Viable Are Compression Socks for Pregnancy?

How Viable Are Compression Socks for Pregnancy?

Rory Donnelly


April 28 2021

Pregnancy is one of the most wholesome experiences a woman can have! The possibility of bringing new life into the world and being responsible for the care and maintenance of that new life is our own experience. Your body goes through many changes to adapt to the foetus's growing needs, especially the circulatory system because blood provides all the nutrients and oxygen to the baby!

One crucial factor is that pregnant women are not as active as usual, at least in the final trimester. Exercise increases blood flow, so less exercise means less blood flow. This includes compression stockings. Compression stockings are designed to exert a different pressure level over their length with maximum downward compression, which further decreases the leg. This gradual compression helps increase blood flow and ensures that blood flow is not interrupted.

Are Compression Socks Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy takes a toll on the legs. Because of the weight an expectant mother has to carry. The legs feel the strain. You can feel on the legs, swollen feet and aching legs due to your pregnancy. Swelling may not go away completely until the baby is born. Varicose veins can also occur, affecting up to 35 percent of pregnant women. One way to relieve both symptoms is to wear compression stockings earlier in the day. These are some of the critical benefits of compression socks:

  • Relief from Swelling: 

    Compression socks reduce swelling, inflammation, soreness in your legs and feet and help prevent blood clots
  • Circulation is Key: 

    Compression socks are designed to promote blood circulation in the lower legs, preventing varicose veins and clots.
  • Pain Relief: 

    Copper in the socks acts as an anti-inflammatory, perfect for soothing aching feet & muscles
  • Heavy Legs: 

    Pregnant women should wear compression socks to remove that heavy feeling, feel fresher and rejuvenated
  • Keep Heart Rates guarded for Mom and Baby: 

    As blood volume increases and blood flow decreases, a pregnant woman and her unborn baby may experience an increase in heart rate. Compression stockings ease the heart because they help move blood from the legs to the back to the upper body and heart. Keeping your heart rate steady is essential, and compression stockings are a proven way to increase blood flow.
  • Prevent Varicose Veins: 

    Pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing varicose veins. Compression stockings gently hug the veins to keep them active and help keep them moving. Women should wear compression stockings to prevent varicose veins during and after pregnancy.

Factors to consider to find the best maternity compression socks: 

  • Fit:

    For compression socks to be practical, they need to be firm and tight but not uncomfortably tight 
  • Graduated Compression:

    Choose socks with stronger compression on the legs and ankles and are more relaxed as the fabric rises to the calves.
  • Style:

    Knee-high compression socks and pantyhose compression stockings are most effective than ankle-length socks, especially if you have varicose veins on your thighs.
  • Compression Level:

    Most pregnant women wear compression stockings without a prescription. Compression is measured in mmHg and ranges from 10 to 15 (which is considered light), 15 to 20 (moderate), and up to 30 (which is regarded as difficult). There are many more compression socks available, but your doctor will need to prescribe them to maintain them.

When to Wear Compression Socks During Pregnancy?

Unless you usually have swelling or varicose veins, wear compression stockings only when you know you are standing, walking, or exercising. It's great to have compression stockings on your hands when you're travelling because it's hard to move around and very active while flying or driving. Copper compression stockings safely improve blood circulation and rejuvenate healthy skin. However, they are also crucial for keeping your feet and legs safe with regular hospital visits!

Energetic and healthy feet allow you to spend time with your baby. Wearing Long Copper Compression Socks ensure graduated compression. The greatest pressure is on the feet and ankles, which gradually decrease as they move to the calves, keeping your feet healthy after pregnancy. It helps to energize your feet and give them a light and free feeling throughout the day.

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