8 Common Compression Wear Myths Busted

8 Common Compression Wear Myths Busted

8 Common Compression Wear Myths Busted

Rory Donnelly


June 19 2019

There has been an increase in interest in compression gear in the market. Like with all things that are trending, there are a lot of preconceived notions about compression wear. Here are a few compression wear myths busted for you:

  1. Compression Wear is Exclusively for People With Medical Problems:

    Compression clothing is an excellent medical remedy for people with insufficient blood circulation. But the use of compression tights and clothing is not limited to the medical field alone. Athletes and exercise aficionados use compression gear as a part of their routine because of the same reason.

  2. Compression Gear is Only for Professional Athletes:

    Athletic compression socks are great for every people in every sport! Compression wear can be used pre-workout or before a game/match to increase blood flow and during a workout or sport to control muscle moment. Compression stockings can help with post-workout recovery or post-sports soreness by increasing blood flow and helping the body get rid of toxins. 

  3. Compression Clothing Renders Muscles Inactive:

    One of the biggest myths about compression wear is that repeated use is harmful for your muscles and renders them inactive. Compression wear helps to support your muscles and stabilize them.

  4. You Can't Wear Compression Gear for Too Long:

    Another one of the compression wear myths is that you can’t wear it for too long. Wearing athletic compression socks is not dangerous but redundant if you're not active. Compression wear is made from light, breathable fabric, which is perfect for long-term wear.

  5. Compression Clothing Works Because of the Placebo Effect:

    Compression wear isn't the next big fad in the sports world without reason. It has scientifically proven effects. Wearing compression gear has medical plus points like preventing muscle inflammation, giving better muscle control and proper blood circulation. If it were just a fad, it wouldn't be the choice for high profile athletes like Stephen Curry and Cam Newton.(Reference)

  6. Compression Wear is Not Fit For Warm Weather:

    Most compression clothing is made of a comfortable, breathable fabric. This will help control your sweat levels and regulate body temperature. Copper Clothing's Copper Compression Socks have the added advantage of copper. This helps keep fungi and bacterial infections at bay in humid, sweaty conditions.

  7. Compression Gear is Almost Impossible to Wear:

    Yes, compression clothing might be hard to put on for first timers. But once you learn to wear them with proper guidelines and get used to them, they stop being a hassle and become a part of your daily routine.

Now that we've busted these compression wear myths, you must have a better idea of pros of compression clothing. Copper Clothing has copper-infused compression clothing that provides you the best of both worlds: the health benefits of compression wear with anti-microbial benefits of copper.

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