10 Ways to Optimize Your Post-Workout Recovery

10 Ways to Optimize Your Post-Workout Recovery

10 Ways to Optimize Your Post-Workout Recovery

Rory Donnelly


August 27 2020

For many people, the gym is the place where the real magic happens. But in fact, the real magic does not happen in the gym but out of it. When you workout, your body breaks down physically – it breaks the muscle fibers, the connective tissues, and also your immune system. But when you rest, your body recovers and repairs all those damaged muscle tissues and ensures you come back stronger than ever before.

How to speed up post workout recovery?

Adopt these ten habits for post-workout recovery to benefit more from your workouts and kick your fitness up a notch:
  1. Wear Compression Clothing

    Compression clothing can be worn during your workout to prevent rashes and chafing. But the real benefit of it is post-workout. Compression clothing is form-fitting garments that help you get rid of pain from muscle soreness and stiffness and also help reduce the time the body takes to repair the muscles. Copper Clothing features copper compression products like copper compression socks, gloves, undergarments, etc. that are infused with copper to help tired feet and recover sore muscles faster while keeping moisture and microorganisms at bay.

  2. Get Plenty of Sleep

    Good sleep is one of the most effective yet simplest tips for muscle recovery. Make sleep a part of your workout regime and train your body to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

  3. Keep Your Body Well-Hydrated

    If your muscles are dehydrated, they are more prone to getting injured, leading to painful muscle spasms and cramps. If your body is well-hydrated, during and after a workout, it gets rid of toxins and prevents dehydration. 

  4. Eat Healthy Food

    Workouts deplete your energy. If you expect your body to recover faster, you need to replenish the lost energy. Try to eat high-protein foods and carbohydrates within 60 minutes of the end of your workout.

  5. Take Magnesium Supplements

    A body with a low level of magnesium experiences cramping, spasms, and muscle tension. Magnesium boosts your body’s ability to synthesize proteins that help your muscle growth. Take magnesium supplements to speed up the recovery process by promoting proper muscle and nerve function.

  6. Avoid Overtraining

    If you have been lifting weights and performing high-intensity exercises, it’s important that you take some time off to initiate the muscle recovery phase. The muscle recovery phase is important because it is during this time; your body will rebuild and re-energize your muscles.

  7. Stretch

    Stretching is one of the best muscle recovery tips to follow to prevent future injuries. Your muscle tightens as you exercise. Stretching every day, relaxes the muscle stiffness and decreases its soreness the next day. 

  8. Take an Ice/Cold bath

    After an intense workout, have cold water or an ice bath. It instantly reduces muscle soreness and inflammation and helps you recover faster.

  9. Massage the Sore Muscles

    Massaging the sore muscles not only improves blood circulation but also makes you feel good. Foam rollers can be a great help here. Run the foam rollers over your sore muscles when you wake up, before going to bed and before your workout. The rollers increase the blood flow, relax the muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and break up scar tissue and knots. 

  10. Include Light Resistance Exercises at the End of the Workout Session

    Add a few light resistance exercises, such as yoga, walking, swimming, etc. to the end of your workout. This increases your blood flow and the nutrients to the muscles after the training session. It helps remove waste products like lactic acid that can prolong the muscle recovery process, repair the muscles, and refuel faster.

Listen to What Your Body Wants for a Faster Recovery

If you pay close attention to your body, it will let you what it needs and when it needs it to recover faster. Get compression clothing for faster post-workout muscle recovery from Copper Clothing. Explore your options here.

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