Copper Infused Face Mask - Tips & Tricks

Copper Infused Face Mask - Tips & Tricks

Copper Infused Face Mask - Tips & Tricks

Rory Donnelly


August 27 2020

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Buying a new product is always an exciting time! But sometimes being one of the first around the world to have the product can also be quite daunting. Don't fear, we are here to help.

Question 1: Washing - the do's and do not's

How do I wash the Mask and how often?

  • The Copper-infused Mask needs to be washed in distilled or cooled boiled water. Boil the kettle and let it rest for 15 minutes. Soak the Mask and rub gently.
  • Stubborn stains such as Make Up will not be removed, please bear this in mind when wearing the Mask.
  • It may appear to be unsightly but it is a personal Mask to you as long as you wash it as we have suggested, once a week or after 30 -40 hours of wear, it will not detract from the performance of your mask.

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Tip: If you wear makeup, a piece of clinical gauze, Place the gauze in the mask as a barrier to stop makeup soiling the white fabric inside the mask.

Why can’t we wash it in the washing machine?

  • Various areas have various amounts of chalk and lime in their water, this is called, hard or soft water, along with the detergent added to blocking the filtration you will be left with a mask that looks good and feels great but will have no efficacy.
  • Please bear in mind some viruses are up to 400 times smaller than bacteria’s, imagine for one second the engineering that goes into the filtration system, this cannot be washed in any water with any soap.

Why can I only wash the Mask in distilled or cool boiled water?

  • We recommend that you do not wash in hot water because of the dimensional change.

Tip: How to Wash Your KN99 Face Mask to Retain Filtration Efficiency:

  1. DO NOT use any washing liquid or detergents
  2. Use distilled water or boiled water left to rest for 15 minutes
  3. Soak the face mask for at least 5 minutes whilst gently massaging, NOT hard rubbing
  4. Squeeze out excess water and lay the face mask flat to dry naturally
Question 2: The A-Z of copper content - How much Copper is actually in the Mask?
  • Every single fibre of yarn in the front layer of grey material contains copper.
  • You may find cheaper "copper-infused" alternatives, however cheaper is not often better in this case, cheaper most likely will have a direct impact on the level of copper content present infused in the garment. We, at Copper Clothing, are infusing the right balance of Copper ions to ensure effectiveness in protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

How do we know that there is copper in our Mask?

  • We are very particular and want to ensure our customers know they have the best products on the market. Intertek, the leading LSE listed independent product testing company, carried out the test to showcase how much copper is in the first outer layer of the face mask.
  • Click here to see independent lab test result by Intertek.

Will the Copper ever wash out?

  • Copper unlike Silver we not wash out. Copper is not soluble, Silver is.
  • Our technology bonds copper ions into the fabric on a molecular level. Our wash tests on our copper-infused fabrics highlight that only o.3 ppm of copper wash out after 40 washes and dries, meaning the benefits of copper will last the lifetime of the product.

Tip: Try the copper sock smell challenge like Dr Hilary Jones did. Did you know sweat is actually is odourless, it is the bacteria that live as part of our natural skin flora which breaks down sweat causing the bad smell associated with sweat. The copper ions infused in our fabrics are self-sanitizing keeping your garments fresher for longer.

Question 3: The complex world of Mask Filters - How good is the filtration material in my Face Mask?

  • We were very specific when designing the face mask that we used the highest level filtration material we could get our hands.
  • Tests carried out at an independent product testing lab highlights that this material surpassed 99% filtration efficiency across a number of randomly chosen samples from the production line. Making the mask equivalent to KN99.

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Why is your Mask more expensive than any others?

  • Other Masks such as 3-ply surgical masks are not designed to be worn for more than 4 hours and need to be replaced frequently for your protection. They are also known to carry viruses and bacteria’s on the front of the mask for up to 7 days.
  • A recent report published in the journal Lancet found the virus lasted on the outside of a surgical mask for 7 days.
  • Our Mask is antiviral, washable, reusable many times over, without allowing any microbe to harbour upon the front of the mask.
  • There is no such thing that we know of to date that can claim an all in one encompassing claim, of being Anti-microbial yet washable for as many times for the life of the product.

Question 4: Getting the perfect fit! Don't forget your plastic ear size adjustment toggles!


  • The objective of the Mask is not to let any viruses slip down the side or any of the curves on your face.
  • Our Mask is very different from normal 3-ply surgical masks, which in most professional’s opinion do nothing. except give a false sense of security.
  • The specially added plastic ear toggles are important for a personal fit to ensure the face mask forms the barrier needed to create a filtered pocket of air for you.
  • It is pointless wearing a mask altogether if it does not have a good grade filter and becomes heavy through exhaled moistened breath, the normal face mask will drag down your face at this point as well as can carry the disease for 7 days.
How important is fitting the Mask?
  • We are here to try and protect your health and not here to try and sell you a face mask that has no efficacy against bacteria and viruses.
  • The Mask is washable and reusable. It has the same effect time after time. (If used and washed correctly). Please take note of our ‘Fitting Instructions’ below:
How to correctly fit your Face Mask?

Click here - Video: How to put on your copper-infused face mask

Before wearing or taking off your face mask it is good hygiene to wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. 1 – Wash/sanitise your hands before opening the packaging and remove the Mask gently. 2 – Open the Mask and feel for the metal bar, this is the top of the Mask and is designed to fit around the bridge of the nose. The Copper Clothing label will be on the left side when wearing the Mask. 3 – Pull the ear loops down so the toggle is placed at the bottom of the Mask on both sides. 4 – Move the toggle in towards the Mask for 1-2 cms. This is in preparation for fitting the Mask perfectly. 5 – Place the Mask on your face. Put the ear loops around your ears, fit the nose bar so it is moulded around the bridge of your nose. 6 – Finally pull in the toggles on each ear loop to ensure and personal ergonomic fit.

Tip: Shift the ear toggles of the face mask to the bottom of the mask by moving the ear loop counter-clockwise. Now when you tighten the mask it will not only provide a more comforting fit around the ears when wearing but also and most importantly it will create a tighter seal along the chin when wearing for greater comfort & protection.

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