The Link between Copper & Skin Care

The Link between Copper & Skin Care

The Link between Copper & Skin Care

Rory Donnelly


January 30 2018

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Have you heard about copper being the key element in supplementing the growth of blood vessels and muscle development? Copper is an essential nutrient for the body. Not only does copper help the body form collagen and elastin but also enables the absorption of other essential minerals in the body, like iron. This in turn enables the formation of healthy skin, while facilitating the growth of red blood cells, blood vessels and nerves. Considering both collagen and elastin are major structural components of the human body, and copper promotes collagen production, copper has now become an essential ingredient in a variety of skin care products. According to an article by Daily Mail UK, copper is the new ‘wonder ingredient’, from eye creams and skin serums to face packs, copper is everywhere. And for a good reason!

Harley Street cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting says

, “copper is vital for healthy skin and promoting collagen, a protein produced by cells to ‘hold’ the skin together that we make less of as we get older”. “Copper has important antioxidant properties,” she says, which is good because antioxidants are substances that prevent free radical cell damage.

While most people are out there advocating the use of copper-infused creams and lotions, they aren’t a very cost-effective option in the long run and require a lot of upkeep in terms of daily application, purchasing refills and availability and cost of said refills. Like every other skin care product, each cream and serum advocates repeated use to achieve the desired results. This might work for some, but with the busy lives we lead; very few of us actually get around to using such creams and lotions regularly. Apart from regular use, cost is also a very big concern for many. Such creams and serums can be very pricey and aren’t affordable in the long-run. So, for those of you looking for a simple, no-fuss solution to skin care, copper-infused bedsheet sets and copper-infused eye masks are the way to go! With the copper-infused fabric, you will be able to receive the benefits of copper while you sleep!

But that’s not all, take a look at some of the benefits copper-infused bedsheets, pillow covers and eye masks have to offer:

  1. Copper Promotes Angiogenesis

    Copper helps promote the development of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels, while rejuvenating the skin through the synthesis of collagen and elastin, otherwise known as angiogenesis. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that people who slept on a copper-infused pillowcase for a month saw a significant reduction in facial wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet, as well as an improvement in the overall appearance of their skin. With copper bed sheets and copper eye masks, you will be able to promote the absorption of copper ions induce angiogenesis.

    Did you know? Sleep masks allow your brain to sense complete darkness which increases the production of Melatonin – the chemical of sleep to increase the amount of rapid eye movement sleep for a deeper and more relaxing sleep. So, just imagine the wonders a copper-infused eye mask can do!
  2. Complete Antimicrobial Protection

    Since copper is known to kill bacteria upon contact (as per studies conducted by the EPA), the copper-infused bed sheets and copper eye masks will provide you with complete protection against germs, microbes and other antibodies you might otherwise find on your pillow covers and sheets. The copper mask will help protect your eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines on your face, the copper pillow covers and copper sheets will help tackle the sweat and moisture produced in your bed while you sleep in addition to their biocidal effect of reducing the risk of fungal and bacterial infections.

Because copper bedsheet sets and copper eye masks require a highly specialized technology to infuse copper-ions into the fabric, these products are able to retain their anti-microbial and beauty benefits through the lifetime of the material and is able to retain its healing properties through multiple wash cycles. This not only makes it the simplest choice when considering the general upkeep that comes with other copper-infused products like creams, but also a very cost-effective one as one copper bed sheet set and copper eye mask will last for a long time! So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a copper infused bedsheet set or simply try the copper eye mask and experience the difference!

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