5 Types of Natural Materials Infused in Cotton Bedding Fabrics

5 Types of Natural Materials Infused in Cotton Bedding Fabrics

5 Types of Natural Materials Infused in Cotton Bedding Fabrics

Rory Donnelly


April 30 2019

In an 8-hour sleep cycle, we take over 6000 breaths. But what are we actually breathing in? Regular bed linens and pillowcases are covered with millions of microbes that quickly become a breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. Although advised to clean our sheets every week, most of us wash them every five to seven weeks. But with the popularity of infused linens, we don’t have to struggle with a weekly wash anymore. What’s more? They stay fresher even if they’re unwashed for weeks!

Here’s a Look at the 5 Most Popular Types of Materials Infused in Cotton Bedding Fabrics

  1. Copper-Infused Bedsheets:

    Copper infused bed sheets are cotton bed sheets are infused with natural copper to eliminate harmful pathogens. On a molecular level, copper attracts bacteria. Upon contact, copper ruptures the bacteria cell wall, destroying bacteria at an amazing rate. It takes only minutes to destroy millions of cells. With round-the-clock anti-microbial protection, protection against infected bed sores, and elimination of odour-causing bacteria, copper infused bed sheets promote a healthy sleep cycle.

  2. Silver-Infused Sheets:

    Silver-infused sheets have strong anti-microbial properties that promote self-cleaning. When silver gets attracted to bacteria, the cell wall is broken down and the bacteria are destroyed without any opportunities to reproduce. Silver-infused sheets do not wear out easily and even after 200 washes, it looks good as new. These sheets are also eco-friendly, which means you can go a few weeks longer without washing your sheets, saving on both water and energy.

  3. Zinc-Infused Bedsheets:

    While zinc may not sound like the most snuggle-worthy fabric choice, it has some amazing benefits that prevent your health from taking a backseat. It gives a boost to cell growth, cell division, immune system, and wound healing. And let’s not forget zinc’s ability to actively fight the accumulation of bacteria on your sheets, keeping them fresher for longer.

  4. Aloe Vera Cotton Fitted Sheets:

    We’ve all tried and tested aloe vera for its amazing ability to promote better skin texture and faster hair growth. And it’s always worked, whether extracted directly from the plant or buying it off a shelf. But did you know it’s good for your overall health too? Be it a sunburn, wound or skin damage, aloe vera’s quick-healing properties make it a great choice for infused fabrics. It also acts as a moisturizer, keeping your skin soft and preventing an oily face when you wake up in the morning. People prone to acne and skin irritations can also take advantage of the aloe Vera Sheets.

  5. Bamboo Charcoal Bed Sheets:

    The breathable and hypoallergenic nature of bamboo charcoal bed sheets prevents skin irritations and excessive sweating throughout the night. The elegant color and natural shine allow it seamlessly blend into any room. Further, they prevent odor, fight bacteria, and stay fresher for a longer time.

We spend one-third of our lives in bed. And we don’t want to go another night inhaling countless pathogens and bacteria. While there are plenty of materials infused in cotton bedding fabrics, copper wins over all of the above with its ability to effectively kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses that lead to infections and foul body odour. It also helps in relieving pain in the body and heals injuries quickly. So what’re you waiting for? Get your favourite copper bedsheets at Copper Clothing at the most competitive rates! Copper-infused sheets are a better way to solve any future problems occurring. One clean and comfy night at a time!


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