Everything You Need to Know about Clean Sleeping

Everything You Need to Know about Clean Sleeping

Everything You Need to Know about Clean Sleeping

Rory Donnelly


June 14 2018

It can be easy to take a good night’s sleep for granted, but are you actually doing it right? According to ‘clean sleeping’, a health trend that continues in 2018, you may not be.

What is Clean Sleeping?

Supported by lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow, the Clean Sleeping concept states that stress, irritability and anxiety in our waking lives could be caused by lack of quality sleep at night. In her book Goop Clean Beauty, Paltrow discusses various ways to achieve 7-8 (or even 10) hours of good sleep in midlife, from copper bedding to relaxing massages.

Why Quality Sleep is Important?

Paltrow feels, and sleep experts agree, that quality of sleep matters as much as number of hours. Your body cannot heal efficiently with poor quality sleep. This affects energy, metabolism, blood sugar regulation, weight, mood, cognition and memory. High-quality sleep, on the other hand, rejuvenates and restores your mind and body. You wake up feeling more energized, positive and happy with as little as a week of clean sleep!

How to Embrace the Clean Sleeping Concept?

Here are 8 key ways to get the best night’s sleep possible with clean sleep techniques:

  1. Avoid Late-Night Snacks –

    While you don’t need to follow Gwyneth’s method of fasting for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, it’s a good idea to avoid large meals and heavy snacks for 3-4 hours before bedtime. This reduces cortisol hormone levels in your body, helping you unwind and sleep better.

  2. Keep Your Feet Warm –

    Gwyneth suggests heated socks, but wearing any socks will keep your feet from getting cold and disturbing your rest. Try copper compression socks, which help to regulate body temperature as well as boost skin health, fight odours and germs, and improve blood circulation while you sleep.

  3. Upgrade Your Bedding –

    Gwyneth is a big fan of copper-infused pillows and copper bedding. Copper promotes the renewal of blood vessels and synthesis of collagen and elastin, boosting skin health. Copper-infused bed sheets are also antimicrobial, killing infection-causing bacteria on contact.

  4. Help Skin Rehydrate –

    In addition to copper bedsheets and pillows, use copper eye masks and socks to maximize the benefits of this essential mineral. Not only will they improve the appearance and texture of your skin, but also fight inflammation, infection and odour-causing germs while you sleep.

  5. Create a Tech-Free Zone –

    According to Gwyneth’s clean sleeping guide, you need to stay away from smartphones, tablets and computers in bed if you want a restful sleep. Not only do these keep you from relaxing, but the blue light from electronic devices also affects melatonin production.

  6. Hit the Bed Early –

    Clean sleeping suggests going to bed at the same time every night, and sleep experts agree that a sleep schedule can promote quality sleep. If you have early nights at least 3-4 times a week, your body can make the most of pre-midnight restorative hours for efficient sleep.

  7. Relax and Reduce Stress –

    Did you know, stress and anxiety can also affect your blood circulation. Unlike Gwyneth, you may not be able to get ahead or foot massage before sleeping, but there are other ways to reduce stress. Try meditation, a warm bath with bergamot, lavender and chamomile essential oils, or a few drops of these relaxing aromatherapy oils on your pillow.

  8. Cut Down on Caffeine –

    Caffeine remains in your system for many hours after you consume it, even if you no longer feel the energy in your body. This can interfere with sleep quality, so limit caffeine intake in the afternoon and avoid it later in the day if you want a truly restful sleep.

What are you waiting for? Put these clean sleep tips into action today!

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