How Anxiety Invites Blood Flow Issues and What You Can Do About It

How Anxiety Invites Blood Flow Issues and What You Can Do About It

How Anxiety Invites Blood Flow Issues and What You Can Do About It

Rory Donnelly


September 18 2018

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What does anxiety have to do with blood circulation? Quite a bit, because there is a direct connection between anxiety and blood circulation!

Can stress and anxiety cause poor circulation? Your blood plays a crucial role in various bodily functions beyond carrying oxygen and keeping your vital organs warm. This is why blood circulation issues can represent serious medical conditions like heart problems and blood pressure and these are not something you’d like to leave to chance. But a few blood circulation issues are actually a manifestation of anxiety. Anxiety induced circulation issues are not dangerous, but in certain cases they can trigger symptoms that may come across as strange and serious, often leading to further your anxiety. For instance:

  • Hyperventilation

    Commonly occurs when you are anxious and when it does your blood vessels tend to contract causing the blood flow to slow down, resulting in rapid heartbeat, lightheadedness, and tingling in hands and feet.

  • Adrenaline Rush

    Adrenaline has an exact opposite impact on your blood vessels but it causes the same symptoms as those experienced in hyperventilation. This is because when the blood does not flow as quickly as expected, it triggers tingling in hands and feet.

Our life is filled with personal and professional stresses and strains but that does not mean we have to fall victim to its health hazards. Your anxiety can be efficiently managed to a certain degree with at-home exercising, yoga, and massage – all of which can get your blood flowing. Incorporating all these 3 activities in your daily routine will not only promote the release of happiness hormones but also bust your anxiety and elevate your mood.

How Copper Compression Gloves and Copper Compression Socks Can Help?

Anxiety induced blood circulation issues can be relieved to a considerable extent with copper compression socks. Copper is known since ages to have properties that help stimulate oxygen delivery, boost blood circulation and improve mobility, and so these copper-infused gloves and socks can help you can function better without feeling any numbness or tingling in hands and feet. They combine the dual benefits of copper and compression to give you warmth and firmness and help lessen the tingling sensations, numbness and discomfort you feel occasionally by boosting blood circulation in your inflamed joints, reducing the stiffness, and enhancing finger dexterity.

Copper compression gloves and socks work by allowing your blood to flow from your muscles, back to your hands and feet, thereby reducing the issues resulting from inefficient circulation and anxiety. While you cannot always keep your worries at bay, wearing copper compression gear every day is definitely something you can accomplish without much effort. The therapeutic effect of copper compression socks and gloves will help alleviate your joint stiffness and lessen the tingling in your hands and feet. And that’s not all; the benefits of copper compression gloves and socks extend way beyond enhanced blood circulation by reducing muscle strain, reviving tired feet, relieving aches and pains, preventing blood clots in lower legs, and improving muscle strength – without needing invasive treatments or over-the-counter medication.

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