5 Ways Copper can Benefit Your Whole Family

5 Ways Copper can Benefit Your Whole Family

5 Ways Copper can Benefit Your Whole Family

Rory Donnelly


July 10 2017

It doesn't matter what kind of family you have, all that matters is making sure everyone is cared for. However, we can’t always keep them safe, and the worst nightmares often revolve around illnesses. Something like a simple hospital operation or diabetes can turn yours and your family’s life upside down. TV’s Dr Hilary Jones is backing a young inventor Amber McCleary who saved her friend after she contracted MRSA after childbirth and was then featured in the Daily Mail. The same Copper Clothing fabric that saved Amber’s friend has transformed the life of Cancer sufferer Freda who has suffered from skin cancer and had to have multiple skin grafts over the years, which would always lead to an infection until she tried for a miracle. With Mother’s Day coming up, you can see dozens of ways to bring a smile to any mum, heal and safeguard your family.

Here are five top tips to bring her better peace of mind.

  1. Beating MRSA:

    Using Copper Pyjamas and Copper Bedding. Watch Amber McCleary explain how you can keep your relatives safe from MRSA.

  2. Preventing Amputations:

    Did you know that 50% of amputees are diabetic? Looking after diabetics sufferers; from children, partners and grandparents is difficult, making sure they have everything they need, is a lifelong selfless commitment. Watch this video about diabetic type 1 suffer David. His life has been completely transformed.

  3. Pet Hygiene:

    It's not just the humans in the family that needs protection, don’t forget our four-legged friends too. They can often have infections which bring costly veterinary bills plus not to mention their wet dog smell. Look at this incredible story featured on the One Show about the odourless Dog bed.

  4. Smelly Feet:

    Did you know there are sweat glands in the feet that produce approximately half a pint of perspiration daily. Dr. Hilary Jones has the perfect answer.

  5. Thrush Be Gone:

    No one likes to talk about thrush, even worse, suffering from it. Dr. Hilary Jones explains how you can deal with it using copper briefs.

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