Can Copper-Infused Fabric Destroy Coronavirus?

Can Copper-Infused Fabric Destroy Coronavirus?

Can Copper-Infused Fabric Destroy Coronavirus?

Rory Donnelly


March 06 2020

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Studies and peer-reviewed publications around the world are highlighting the virucidal properties of Copper materials.

Copper Clothing Limited, is a company that incorporates anti-microbial copper formulations into fabrics, such bed sheets, socks, masks, gloves, pyjamas, etc., and sells them to consumers. Check out these and much more here.

In 2014, it funded research to test the effectiveness of viricidal activity of the copper fabric on bovine Coronavirus. The test was conducted by a specialist viral Laboratory of Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology. The viricidal activity of the treated material was evaluated by comparing the viricidal activity of the non-treated material. The study found that copper-infused fabric can effectively fight the virus and destroy it.

In summary, the difference observed between the materials tested is based on the inactivation process during the 10-minute drying process (reduction factor of 3.94 log of the treated Copper material and 1.13 log of the untreated material) Please Note: this test was against the human surrogate of Coronavirus (part of the Coronavirus family of viruses). It has not yet been tested specifically against the COVID-19 strain of the Coronavirus family.

Log Results Explained:
copper fabrics are antimicrobial

Copper has been used throughout history for its anti-microbial properties. Copper Clothing had one of its fabrics, that is used to make our bed wear, tested using the University of Southampton which resulted in a 6.7 log reduction against MRSA.

For example, if 1,000,000 MRSA bacteria came in to contact with Copper material, only 1 bacteria would survive, This is what we call a reduction of 99.9999% Copper fabrics are known to be antimicrobial and could be used in everyday products to destroy any bacteria and viruses as there have been recent tests to show it destroys, HIV Virus, Influenza Virus and Coronavirus

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