Copper Underwear - The Best Underwear for Workouts

Copper Underwear - The Best Underwear for Workouts

Copper Underwear - The Best Underwear for Workouts

Rory Donnelly


February 08 2018

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You could buy yourself the fanciest sports shoes and work-out gear to ensure your body receives the maximum benefit of your workout, but have you ever stopped to wonder how your undergarments affect your work out? Now, you will automatically think about wearing the right kind of sports bra while working out, but what about your underwear? Do you have a particular kind of underwear you use while working out, or it’s simply whatever you grab first on the way out? Just like your workout gear and shoes, your underwear also has potential implications on your body and your overall health.

Here are some reasons to help you understand why your choice of underwear is very important to your overall wellness:

  • Studies have shown that the most common cause for female yeast infections is due to the usage of underwear made from non-breathable fabric that tends to trap heat and moisture, thus providing the ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to grow.
  • Not changing your underwear for prolonged durations and wearing dirty/sweaty underwear also leads to the development of yeast and fungal infections. Other than this, not washing your underwear regularly allows bacteria and germs to thrive in the fabric, thereby impacting its quality.
  • Many-a-times fabrics used for underwear also require the use of certain chemicals or cleaning agents which can also disturb the vaginal environment, thus increasing the risk of allergies and infections.
Did you know? Three out of four women get a yeast infection in their lifetime, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Picking the right underwear can be tricky. You have to pick a natural material that can control moisture while being durable and ensure it has the right fit. While there are a variety of materials, shapes and styles to pick from, the deciding factor must always be the health implications of the kind of underwear you choose as well as the intended use. For those of you who work-out regularly, the decision becomes even tougher. Apart from needing a natural, breathable fabric, it is also important to have a material that fits well but isn’t too tight at the same time. And while there are a number of options available in the market, each material has its pros and cons. For instance, silk is a soft and comfortable, completely natural fabric, but tends to retain the moisture, thus increasing your chances of contracting a yeast infection. Some people even advocate going commando, however going commando at the gym/while working out isn’t ideal.

The gym is crawling with sweat and germs and going commando will only make you more vulnerable to such germs as well as the sweat you will generate yourself while working out.

Is there an effective solution to this problem?

Why, yes there is! Copper-infused briefs and underwear is the solution to all your problems. Copper-infused underwear combines the benefits of cotton and copper to provide a unique solution to all your underwear problems. The copper-infused ladies briefs have been designed in conjunction with a leading consultant gynaecologist to perfectly fit a lady’s contours and allow them to benefit from a specially designed deowear® zone. The copper ladies underwear is composed of 60% combed cotton and 40% copper infused yarn. The cotton ensures total breathability and comfort, while the copper-infused yarn adds to its anti-microbial, anti-odour and moisture wicking capabilities, thus making it the perfect underwear for those who workout, as well as those who don’t! Get yourself a pair now at Copper Clothing.

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