Copper Bed Sheet and Pillowcases


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Copper throughout



A sumptuous sateen designed luxury damask style mocha bedding set. Luxurious, super soft, with the unique benefit of copper infused fibres. Make bedtime the highlight of your day with some of our beautiful bed linen.

Kingsize Bed – will also fit any queen or double bed

  • 1x Flat Sheet: 275cm x 275cm
  • 2x Pillows

Single Bed

  • 1x Flat Sheet: 180cm x 275cm
  • 1x Pillow
30 day money back guarantee!

How Clean Are Your Bedsheets?

The average person spends approximately a third of their life in bed, sleeping 7 hours per night and 49 hours per week on average.

Humans naturally produce 26 gallons of sweat in bed every year providing the ideal fungal culture medium when combined with high humidity.

According to research, your typical bed sheets would contain traces of fungi, bacteria, animal dander, pollen, soil, lint and all sorts of excrements from the body including sweat, sputum, excrement and skin cells.

The average adult washes their sheets every 2-3 weeks. Dermatologists strongly suggest bed sheets should be washed probably on the average of once a week and pillow cases once every 2-3 days.

If bed sheets are not washed regularly, and the occupant has scratches or wounds, they can become infected or even transferred to a partner.


Infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, which can spread diseases, directly or indirectly, from one person to another. Copper ions are only harmful to these pathogenic microorganisms and can play a vital role in combatting the spread of these pathogens.


Pathogenic microbes are harmful and can cause disease


Copper ions are scientifically proven to rupture and penetrate the cell wall


Once inside, the copper ions attack the DNA of the microbe, totally inactivating the microorganism


The copper ions will kill immediately upon contact and cause potentially harmful microbes to be destroyed


Destroys 99.99% of MRSA on contact, one of the toughest bacteria due to it being Methicillin-resistant.


We have achieved a 99.9% efficacy to show that copper will not support the growth of any fungus or fungal spores.


Our tests show a 99.9% efficacy against Coronavirus, in addition to the effective destruction of Norovirus, a highly infectious sickness bug.


Copper has been commonly used throughout history as an effective natural tool to repel parasites such as ticks, mites and mosquitos.

All testing is carried out by well established and high quality in-vitro facilities. Please enquire to find out more information.

Features of Copper Bed Sheets

100% Pure Natural Copper

A completely safe, chemical free, environmentally friendly, non-drug and non-invasive solution to supporting good health.


Bad odour is usually caused by a mixture of sweat and debris. The copper fibres will ensure that your bed remains fresher for longer even if not washed on a regular basis.


Your bedsheets act as ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi and viruses to multiply, fuelling allergies and illnesses.

Promotes Softer & Healthier Skin

Copper is known to promote Angiogenesis, the development of blood vessels and rejuvenate skin through the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Completely Durable

The copper ions are bonded on a molecular level meaning that they are permanent and will last the lifetime of the product.

Pet Friendly

Your pet may be bringing more than love and warmth to your bed. Your four-legged friend is another source that enables bacteria, mould and allergens to grow.


ANTI-BACTERIAL Only in humidity
ANTI-FUNGAL Only in humidity
ANTI-VIRAL Only in humidity
ANTI-ODOUR Only in humidity


  1. Had the bed sheets for many years. Still perfect. Also after a while my sons warts disappeared and have never returned. We definitely think the sheets did the trick. Also he loves a cool bed and loves the sheets.

  2. Love all products we tried. Have used sheets for years and knickers! Dog blanket too!
    Would love fitted sheets

    (verified owner)

  3. Lovely fabric bedsheets, found pj’s were cheap feeling and made me sweaty on top of hot flushes. Waist band too tight. They didn’t look feminine. My experience rating is 5 for good.

    (verified owner)

  4. I will buy another one without blinking my eye!!!! My husband & I have very sensitive skin and upon opening the package and just touching the cloth. He said: BUY ANOTHER ONE. Excellent product !!!

  5. Fantastic customer service and a great product. Our masks were delivered quickly and we were kept informed of delivery times etc even when demand was very high. The masks are of great quality and the whole family wear them. Thank you so much.


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