Humidity and Health

Humidity and Health

Humidity and Health

Rory Donnelly


October 06 2018

A particularly hot day can become extremely unbearable when there is humidity in the air. But did you know that high humidity puts you at a risk of getting sick, too? Humidity is the amount of water vapour present in the air. When you sweat, your body relies on air to trigger its cooling mechanism thereby preventing accumulation of sweat on your skin. The optimal humidity level for comfort and healthy functioning of your body is between 35 and 60%. If the humidity level is beyond 60%, your body is predisposed to various direct and indirect health issues. Here are some of them:

The Effects of Humidity on the Human Body

  • The Direct Effects

    High humidity coupled with high temperature overheats your body, the consequences of which could be detrimental. Humidity prevents your body from regulating its temperature and thus shuts down its cooling mechanism. The body is then forced to look for other ways to cool down. In an attempt to regulate the body temperature, your breathing becomes rapid as your heart works harder to pump more blood to your extremities and less to your brain and internal organs, making you feel tired and sluggish. You may also feel dizzy and cramps may develop in your legs. With the loss of body fluids, salts and electrolytes, the body starts overheating, which can even lead to a fatal heatstroke.

  • The Indirect Effects

    The hot and humid weather is a fertile medium for fungi and bacteria to thrive and multiply. Fungal and bacterial infections affecting the skin, hair and nails are extremely common. Some of the common skin infections are ringworm, toenail fungus, intertrigo, skin rashes and irritation. High humidity also causes Hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating in the scalp, armpits, face, palms, soles of the feet, and torso. This condition leads to pungent body odour and other infections. Humid air makes bacteria, viruses and other contaminants stay airborne for a long time. That’s a solid reason for you to get the respiratory diseases, such as asthma. These microorganisms are also present in kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, bed sheets, curtains, etc. They even grow in your AC duct. With humidity affecting your health, directly and indirectly, you can use the benefits of copper to keep the ill effects of humidity at bay.

How Copper Infused Clothing And Accessories Can Help Combat The Effects Of High Humidity

  1. Takes Care of the Body Odour

    Copper-infused clothing acts as an anti-odour agent to eliminate the pungent aroma that comes from your sweat. If you are an athlete, fitness buff or a victim of excessive sweating on a quest to get rid of your body odour, copper-infused clothing might be the solution.

  2. Keeps Skin Diseases and Allergies at Bay

    The anti-bacterial copper properties have been extensively researched and studies have shown that copper is a highly potent destroyer of microorganisms. It simply kills infectious bacteria and fungi when they come in contact with it.

  3. Regulates the Body Temperature

    In humid conditions, your body overheats and may cause difficulty in sleeping. Copper bed sheets can help your body maintain the right temperature by transferring the excess heat and acting like a cooling layer.

  4. Absorbs Excess Moisture

    The humid environment is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi to thrive and multiply. Copper-infused clothing like copper pyjamas, copper socks and copper bed sheets kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi breeding on your skin and your bedding. Does this sound like something you need? If so, check out the range of copper-infused clothing and accessories at Copper Clothing today.

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