How Can Copper Help Reduce Our Reliance on Antibiotics?

How Can Copper Help Reduce Our Reliance on Antibiotics?

How Can Copper Help Reduce Our Reliance on Antibiotics?

Rory Donnelly


July 19 2018

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The use of antibiotics for treating even minor infections has led to some disturbing consequences, particularly in terms of ‘superbugs’, or bacterial strains that have become resistant to most antibiotic drugs. Countries across the world are reporting rising rates of antimicrobial resistance, and not just in healthcare settings. It’s time to take notice!

Why Is Over-Relying on Antibiotics Potentially Deadly?

  • More Superbugs with Antibacterial Resistance -

    MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is the most well-known example of a superbug that causes thousands of deaths every year. However, many other bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to common antibiotics.

  • Our Miracle Drugs Could Stop Being Effective -

    In the past, people faced a risk of severe infection and death after surgery or even simple scratches that got infected. Modern medicine and antibiotics have worked miracles but could become completely ineffective at combating illness if we keep over-using them.

  • Bacterial Infections Could Be Near-Fatal -

    Unless we take steps to slow down the growth and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, there could come a time where minor wounds could lead to severe illness or even death. Major surgical procedures could also have serious or even fatal complications.

  • We Could Lose Our Natural Immunity -

    Our immune systems are designed to fight illness and keep us safe. If we get used to popping antibiotics every time we feel unwell, we’re suppressing our natural immunity and not giving it the chance to do what it’s designed to and become stronger in the process.

Reliance on antibiotics needs to stop if these miracle drugs are to continue being effective. It’s more important to manage the symptoms of minor infections and letting our bodies fight the illness naturally, rather than taking antibiotics for every sniffle, cough or scraped knee!

What is the Role of Copper in Fighting Antibacterial Resistance?

Copper has natural antimicrobial properties, killing infection-causing bacteria and other germs through contact. For this reason, antibacterial copper surfaces are already replacing stainless steel and other materials in many hospitals, food processing units and public spaces.

Here’s how integrating copper naturally can help reduce the transmission of infectious and antibiotic-resistant bacteria:

  • Copper keeps bacteria, fungi and viruses from surviving on - or spreading through - contact points and high-touch surfaces.

  • Copper clothing can keep you safe from infected surfaces in hospitals, gyms, locker rooms, hotels and other ‘hot-spots’.

  • Copper can also be used to prevent infections in patients with diabetic foot wounds, immune disorders and other conditions.

  • Copper can destroy antimicrobial resistant superbug strains such as MRSA, to effectively combat the spread of infectious illnesses.

Along with copper and copper alloy surfaces, using copper infused clothing is an important step in the fight against superbugs. By fighting infection-causing germs naturally, antimicrobial copper plays a key role in prevention as well as treatment of illness. Check out our range of copper clothing and accessories here! To learn more about the risks associated with antibiotic resistance, check out this article as well as this infographic discussing the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria through food.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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