How Can Copper Pyjamas Protect You from MRSA and Skin Infections?

How Can Copper Pyjamas Protect You from MRSA and Skin Infections?

How Can Copper Pyjamas Protect You from MRSA and Skin Infections?

Rory Donnelly


September 22 2017

Whether you prefer cotton PJs or lace negligees, how much do you understand about the impact of your nightwear on health and safety? For instance, are you washing them often enough to prevent infections? Most people only wash their nightwear every fortnight. Men wash their pyjamas after wearing them for 13 days, and women generally wait 17 days before washing theirs. Why is this so dangerous? Well, we shed skin cells and skin abscess which contain a wide range of harmful microbes.

These may not pose a risk to our gut or skin, but can cause infections if they get transferred to other areas of our body from dirty clothing. coli is a common gut bacteria found in our bowels. It’s generally harmless, but can cause cystitis and other infections if it gets into the urinary tract. Our skin may also carry staphylococcus bacteria, which can lead to staph infections if it enters open wounds, bruises or areas where skin is damaged. Anyone sharing your bed or washing their clothes with yours is also at risk of contracting an infection. The threat is even greater if you carry MRSA, since this microbe is highly resistant to most antibiotics.

Can Copper-Infused Clothing Help Prevent These Infections?

Copper clothing’s products are comfortable enough to wear all day at home, and ideal for protecting against skin infections when you’re hospitalized or when you’re at a care facility as well.

Here are some of the main features and benefits to consider:

  • Kills Microbes

    Copper has incredible anti-microbial properties, killing infection-causing germs naturally. It&rsquos extremely effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi upon contact, protecting you from potential threats.

  • Anti-MRSA

    Clinical studies show that copper can even kill antibiotic-resistant strains like MRSA. Copper-infused fabric is often used in hospital clothing, bed linen and other applications where the risk of bacterial contamination is high.

    • Soft & Comfortable Copper-infused clothing is designed with bamboo, a breathable textile that’s super-soft and comfortable against the skin. Copper ions are bonded to fabric on a molecular level, delivering benefits straight to the skin.

    • Relieves Dryness Copper helps restore the skin’s moisture, reducing itchiness and irritation for those who suffer from eczema and other conditions. Wearing copper clothes can also make your skin more supple, flexible and youthful.

    • Improves Circulation For those who suffer from cold feet or hands, varicose/spider veins and other problems associated with poor blood circulation in the extremities, copper-infused nightwear is the perfect solution.

    • Anti-Odour Since copper inhibits the growth of microbes and bamboo wicks away excess moisture from the skin, copper pyjamas prevent body odour as well. Copper clothing also stays fresh for longer so you don’t have to wash it so often.

    Researchers have also conducted multiple experiments closely studying the impact of copper on MRSA bacteria and found that copper was able to destroy the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus bacteria's DNA in just 5 minutes. Watch the video to learn the specifics of this experiment as well as the results of the clinical trials that were conducted with MSRA infected patients to learn more about the impact of copper-infused clothing on such infections.

    Following the success of this experiment, Copper Clothing developed an entire range of copper-infused clothing and accessories to allow the general public to benefit from the anti-microbial properties of copper through the lifetime of the product! Learn more about Copper technology and its benefits here.

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