Best Copper Clothing Products for Every Personality Type

Best Copper Clothing Products for Every Personality Type

Best Copper Clothing Products for Every Personality Type

Rory Donnelly


December 18 2018

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You deserve great health; so, do your family and friends! Give yourself and the people you love the gift of health with copper-infused products. These products have copper in them, which is known to be beneficial to health. Research says that copper is anti-microbial and anti-odour – kills bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause infection and foul body odour.

It is known to promote the development of blood vessels – reduces inflammation, relieves pain and heals the injury. It is known to rejuvenate skin – produces antioxidant enzymes that boost collagen production, thus helps in prolonging the process of ageing. With so many benefits, copper-infused products can make excellent gifts for each one, who make your life worth living.

However, to find the perfect copper-infused product for the different types of people in your life, you’ll need to consider these three factors - the personality of the person, their interests and crucially their age. From copper bedsheets to copper pillows, from copper compression socks to copper gloves, from copper pyjamas to copper blankets, Copper Clothing has gifts of health for all. Let's have a look at what's in store:

    1. For the Frequent Flyer

      In your family or your social circle, you may have somebody, who travels most of the time. Standing in line at check-in/security and sitting in the plane for long hours with little or no space to stretch can take a toll on the body and mind.

      Copper Clothing has something for your frequent flier. Here are our top picks:

      • Copper Compression Socks – Best for long-haul flights. Copper present in the socks can help prevent swelling, reduce stress and leg and joint pain.
      • Copper Eye Mask – Copper eye-mask can reduce headaches, relieve stress, induce deeper, relaxing sleep and reduce the effect of jet lag.
      • Copper Gloves – This light-weight, high-performance copper gloves can reduce swelling and can help in supporting and relieving sore muscles.
      • Copper Pyjamas – Copper-infused pyjamas can effectively destroy bacteria upon contact, which can keep body odour at bay and reduce the chances of getting an infection.
    2. For the Elderly

      With age comes a host of diseases like arthritis and diabetes. A person living with arthritis and diabetes have inflammation, pain and swelling as constant companions.

      Our top picks to make their lives easier are:

      • Copper Compression Gloves: With arthritis, injuries and pains in hands and joints are a common complaint. Copper compressions gloves can reduce the stiffness and swelling as they put continuous pressure on the pain area that triggers proper blood circulation. This can reduce the pain in the muscles and joints.
      • Copper Compressions Socks: Copper in the socks can decrease the swelling by compressing the foot and ankle joint gently and promoting better circulation. This also can help to bring the pain down.
    3. For Your Pet

      Toss those gourmet treats, fancy collars, and pricey gifts for a meaningful and thoughtful gift your pet will love – the gift of good health! Copper bedding from Copper Clothing can help ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy life.

      Here is what we have for your pets:

      • Copper Pet Beds: Copper-infused bed, not only provides luxurious comfort, but can also help protect your pets from various bacterial infections and aches, allergies, and pains.
      • Copper Pet blanket: Copper-infused pet blankets can give your pet a warm, cosy & comfortable sleep. The blanket is luxuriously soft, anti-microbial & helps fight pet odour!
    4. For People With Stressful Jobs

      Stress happens to the best of us. Professionals like nurses, work for long hours. Their workload is never ending which leaves them physically and mentally tired and weak.You can spread good vibes by shopping from our list of copper-infused products.

      Here's for the stressed professional from our collection:

      • Copper Compression Socks: They can prevent varicose veins, soreness and reduce leg swelling, sweat and odour build-up.
      • Copper Insoles: These insoles are engineered to support the muscles and improve and align the posture. They also can help in reducing the pain, swelling, sweat and odour.
    5. For Adventurers and Athletes

      If you have someone in your life that is high on life, either an adventurer or an athlete, reward their enthusiasm with products designed to help them push their limits.

      Here's what you can gift them:

      • Copper Compression Socks: These socks can provide support to the legs and feet. They also can provide mild compression for better movement through the legs by enhancing blood circulation. They can help reduce cramping, swelling and stiffness in the calf, ankle and calf.
      • Copper Compression Gloves: These gloves can help in promoting better blood circulation to speed up the recovery of muscles, injured joints and more.
      • The copper-infused gloves can help stabilize the muscle tissue, keeping the swelling of muscle fibres and pain at a micro level.
      • Copper Insoles: These are designed to cradle your feet and keep them aligned. They can reduce pain in feet as well as body. They can also prevent your feet from sweating and also keep them fresh and odourless for long.
    6. For the Pregnant Woman

      A pregnant mother undergoes a lot of difficulties. Swelling in the feet is normal during pregnancy, but it can be painful too. Varicose veins are common in pregnant women because of the weight they have to carry.

      These copper-infused products from Copper Clothing can help:

      • Copper Compression Socks: These socks can relieve leg and joint pain. Compression socks for pregnancy can also help improve blood circulation, relieve cramps and prevent puffiness in the feet.
      • Copper Pyjamas: The clothes that a pregnant woman sleeps in has to be clean, loose fitting and comfortable. The anti-microbial property of copper keeps the pathogenic microorganisms that cause infections and foul body odour at bay.
    7. For the Beauty Conscious

      Waking up with perfect skin sounds too good to be true. But Copper Clothing has products that can make it a reality.

      Check these copper-infused products for the ultimate beauty sleep:

      • Cooper Bed Sheets: Our skin cells use copper to produce collagen, elastin, and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. Sleeping in these copper bed sheets not only brighten the bed but also the skin.
      • Copper Pillows: The pillows intertwined with copper can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines through surface contact with the skin. They can fight bacteria and dust particles too.

Copper Clothing has copper-infused products to suit every personality type - from the couch potatoes to the proactive professionals! So explore your gifting options and buy now.

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