Unique Items Every Dog Owner Will Wonder How They Did Without

Unique Items Every Dog Owner Will Wonder How They Did Without

Unique Items Every Dog Owner Will Wonder How They Did Without

Rory Donnelly


June 19 2019

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- Guest Post by Melanie Green . She is a writer for Pet Life Today . As a dog owner, you’ll be well are that there are a million and one items that claim to be so-called “must-haves.” Of course, you need the basics like a collar, leash, and kennel. But is it really worth getting additional items, or is it all noise? Some items are frankly not worth the price tag, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss purchasing some additional useful items for your dog. Especially when they will make your life as a dog owner significantly easier. We’ve selected 4 unique items that you’ll wonder how you did without. As you’ll see, they’re all high-quality, practical, and boast a host of benefits that make them worth the price tag.

  • A Copper Dog Bed

    Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed? It’s a simple luxury that’s instantly gratifying. So what about the dog’s bed? Does it really matter what they sleep on? They’re not humans, after all. Well, do we have news for you—it matters a lot! The bed your dog sleeps on can substantially affect their health. So what should you look for in a dog bed? If you’re after one that is hygienic, comfortable, and durable, look no further than a copper dog bed. A copper dog bed offers all of these benefits and more. The copper ions in the beds, for instance, act as an anti-microbial property that helps to combat pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. It’s important to minimize these nasties as they can spread diseases and illnesses. Needless to say, the last thing you want as a dog owner is for your dog to get sick! Copper beds are also anti-inflammatory and anti-odor, plus they made from durable materials which will mean it’ll still be in tip-top shape for years to come. Oh, and they are incredibly comfortable for your dog to rest or sleep in. What’s there not to love?

  • An Inflatable Collar

    Another unique item that you’re likely to not have come across yet but you’ll wish you knew about sooner is an inflatable dog collar. While we never like to think about our dog suffering an injury, the chances are they will at some point in their lives. And perhaps it will be an injury that your dog will need to wear a cone to recover from. You know the ones—the uncomfortable, bulky, and downright unappealing cones they have to wear around their neck. Fortunately, an inflatable dog collar is a fantastic alternative that’s not only handy but affordable too. They’ve now been developed to the point that there are a number of benefit-packed options to choose from. When you’re picking one out, you may want to look for features such as scratch and bite proof properties, easily inflatable, simple to put on, and environmentally-friendly materials.

  • An LED Collar

    While we’re on the topic of collars, another collar you’ll want to buy is an LED collar. With an LED collar, you won’t need to worry about navigating through the dark when you’re walking your dog at night. Instead, your dog will help light up your walking or running path! Place it around your dog’s neck like a regular collar and flick on the switch. Suddenly, you’ll have great visibility—some options will light up two hundred feet ahead! And if you think such a collar would be heavy around your dog’s neck, don’t fret. There are many options that are very lightweight so your dog will hardly notice the difference. How’s that for a unique item?

  • A Cooling Vest

    When the sun is shining particularly bright and you and your dog are catching some rays, overheating can be a real problem for your dog. While you can easily put on a hat, breezy clothes, and sunglasses to prevent heatstroke, cooling down your dog isn’t so easy. Well, it isn’t unless you have a dog cooling vest. This innovative piece of clothing ingeniously reflects the heat from the sun and wicks away moisture from your dog’s body. Simply slip it on your dog, just like you would for a dog outfit, and it will start working its wonders. The only difficult thing is remembering to bring it along! Make a habit of putting it on your dog before you head out when the sun is shining in full furor or if you’re planning to do more vigorous exercise with your dog like hiking or running.

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