How to improve Hotel Hygiene Environment?

How to improve Hotel Hygiene Environment?

How to improve Hotel Hygiene Environment?

Rory Donnelly


August 06 2018

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When people stay at a hotel, they want to experience luxury and comfort, not worry about infection-causing germs. A clean and hygienic establishment needs to be a top priority for hoteliers, especially in common hot spots that tend to have the highest concentrations of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The main areas of concern include:

  1. Kitchens -

    Surfaces used for food preparation tend to be the most highly contaminated in both homes and hotels. Without careful attention to cleaning and disinfection, pathogenic bacterial strains such as Salmonella, E. Coli and Campylobacter can easily spread to food and cause serious illnesses.

  2. Bathrooms -

    Most people think toilets top the list of likely spots for bacterial growth, but they may be less dangerous than countertops and faucets. This could be a result of cross-contamination from cleaning equipment, or simply the fact that most people assume they’re safe just because they look clean!

  3. Bedding -

    While hotels are generally careful about changing bedsheets and pillow covers, comforters or duvets may not be changed for weeks at a time. To reduce the risk of contamination, many hoteliers are investing in copper infused bed sheets and bed linen that are self-sterilising and antibacterial.

  4. Towels -

    Along with coming in direct contact with skin, towels also tend to remain damp and warm for a while after use, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. According to this article, hotel towels could put guests at risk of stomach or respiratory infections as well as viral STDs!

  5. Floors -

    Hotel room floors, especially if they’re carpeted, collect all kinds of nasty contaminants. Even with regular vacuuming, they’re teeming with bacteria that can cause food poisoning, skin infections, and more. These can easily be transmitted to guests through bare feet, clothing and even luggage.

Bacterial contamination in hotels can be a nightmare, and it’s essential for both guests and hoteliers to be aware of how to safeguard against them.

How Copper Products Can Provide a Solution

Copper has powerful antimicrobial properties, making it an effective natural way to combat bacteria, viruses and fungi in hotels. It kills these germs on contact and has even proven to eliminate resistant bacterial strains such as MRSA.

How copper infused products can help you beat microbial contamination in hotels:

  • As a guest, bring your own copper infused bed sheets while travelling and use these in place of hotel-provided bed linen. Or, you can use these as a protective layer between hotel bedspreads and your skin.

  • You should also wear copper clothing when you travel, especially copper infused socks that protect your feet from contaminated floors.

  • As a hotelier, replace your regular bed linen and accessories with copper infused products. Along with keeping guests safe from illness and infection, they will also help you reduce cross-contamination in rooms.

  • Consider providing staff members with copper clothing and using copper or copper alloy surfaces in your hotel’s bathrooms and kitchens.

In addition to fighting germs, copper infused products are self-sterilising and anti-odour as well. Get yours at Copper Clothing today!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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