Top 5 Reasons to Wear Copper Compression Socks

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Copper Compression Socks

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Copper Compression Socks

Rory Donnelly


August 29 2017

Compression socks are available in a wide range of materials, lengths and designs. They are designed to provide different degrees of pressure along their length, with maximum compression toward the bottom, which decreases higher up your leg. This graduated compression helps improve blood flow and ensures that circulation isn’t cut off.

5 situations in which you should wear copper-infused compression socks:

  1. Treating Foot Problems

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    Copper compression socks are often used for treating foot-related problems, especially for people with poor circulation, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and slow-healing wounds caused by diabetes, etc. Since they improve blood flow, boost skin health and fight infection-causing microbes, these copper infused compression socks can prevent a wide range of health issues in feet, ankles, lower legs and leg veins. They can also help maintain good circulation when you’re recovering from surgery.

  2. While Running

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    Poorly fitting socks are a bad idea when you’re running, since they can cause chafing due to friction and also lead to poor circulation in your legs. It can take time for your feet and legs to recover from the strain of running unless you’re wearing the right gear. The 5-toe copper socks improve blood flow and reduce the build-up of lactic acid in your leg muscles by providing full foot and toe coverage, which speeds up their recovery and ensures better performance. Since copper is anti-microbial, these socks help prevent odours as well as Athlete’s Foot and other infections. 

  3. While Stretching

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    If you do yoga, Crossfit or other exercise routines that involve a lot of stretching and pulling, copper-infused compression socks can help you prevent cramps and strain in your legs. Unlike the constant strain caused by running, these exercises place abrupt pressure on your muscles. Copper compression socks provide similar benefits for both extended strain and sudden stretches or pulls, by preventing odour, keeping blood circulation at optimum levels and helping your legs recover faster. 

  4. During Pregnancy

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    Pregnant women often face leg cramps, swollen ankles or feet, as well as other leg-related issues such as varicose veins and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). During the third trimester, hormonal changes in your body can also lead to increased blood volume, coagulation and clotting. All these problems can be prevented by improving circulation in your legs. By wearing copper compression socks, you can keep your legs healthy throughout your pregnancy. 

  5. While Flying

    Girl looking out of the flight window

    Air travel can play havoc with your legs. You don’t get much exercise while standing in line or walking around the airport, and spending anywhere from a few hours to almost a day sitting in the plane. Extended periods of sitting and standing can cause numerous problems, especially for elderly fliers and people with poor circulation, oedema or leg problems. Copper compression socks improve blood circulation while travelling, to prevent joint pain, heavy legs and swelling in feet or ankles. That’s not all! Multiple rounds of research have been conducted to fully-ascertain the overall potential of these revolutionary copper socks. Here is an informative video that breaks down how each property of copper helps keep your skin safe and healthy along with the potential applications of the product. 

As you can see, copper-infused compression socks are the perfect solution for boosting circulation and skin health, as well as fighting odour-causing bacteria and microbes! Visit Ultimate Guide to Copper Compression Socks to learn more about the applications of copper and how it can be used to change the face of preventative skincare! 

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